Buy Local Santa Monica

Buy Local Santa Monica (BLSM) was created by representatives of the Santa Monica business community, including DTSM, and the City of Santa Monica to encourage local buying that strengthens a thriving community and supports local businesses by raising awareness about the economic, environmental and community benefits of thinking local first.

Over 800 Santa Monica businesses are enrolled in the program and if you're based in Santa Monica, you're part of it. You just need to "activate" your membership so that Buy Local can promote your business. And the best part is it's FREE!

To sign up, please click here. 


Membership Benefits

• BLSM Participating Business window decal for shop windows; a great way to show support for the community and reap the love in return

•Use of the BLSM logo on websites and marketing materials

•Discounted advertising rates in the Santa Monica Daily Press

•Event discounts and special exhibitor opportunities

•Free listing and inclusion of logos on the BLSM online business directory

•Exclusive use of BLSM Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote businesses @buylocalsm

•Notification of special offers and opportunities for business training and support, networking, business-to-business marketing, etc.

• Did we mention it's FREE!


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The Top 8 Reasons to Buy Local

1. It keeps dollars in Santa Monica's economy. For every $1 spent at a Santa Monica business, as much as 70 cents stays in the community through taxes, payroll and other expenditure (Civic Economics, 2008). Spending locally ensures that sales taxes are reinvested right here in Santa Monica. Local purchases in 2015 raised over $45 million in Santa Monica, helping to support our schools, parks, police and more!


2. It helps the environment. Buying local reduces your carbon footprint. Having a diverse range of businesses within walking or biking distance reduces the amount of driving you need to do, lessens traffic and air pollution and helps to conserve land. There is a Bike Local, Buy Local SM campaign to help promote local cycling.


3. It keeps and creates local jobs. Studies show that locally owned businesses create more jobs in the community and often provide better wages and benefits than national chains. As of 2015, Buy Local SM businesses collectively employ nearly 4,000 Santa Monica residents and over 50 percent are owned by Santa Monica residents …your friends and neighbors!


4. It helps to keep us unique. Santa Monica is a city of neighborhoods, each with a town center comprised of businesses that are diverse and distinctive.


5. It nurtures our community. Many local businesses are committed to investing in Santa Monica, donating to charitable causes, actively getting involved in the community and helping to support local events and festivals. launched "Buy Local, Give Local SM Week" to help spotlight these great partnerships.


6. It creates more choice. Local businesses respond to their customers and have freedom to choose the items they sell. They often carry a wider array of unique products that are locally made or produced. If you don't see what you want or need, ask!


7. It spurs entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of California's economy.


8. It's fun! Exploring Santa Monica, discovering what its 6,600-plus businesses have to offer, sharing advice on local gems, meeting neighbors and new friends and getting exercise in the process. It's part of what makes Santa Monica such a great place.