Real Estate

Real estate agents, escrow agents, notaries, and title agents can conduct activities that enable residential transactions (including rentals, leases, and home sales), with certain limitations. There can be no open houses to show properties. All residential viewings must only occur virtually or, if a virtual viewing is not feasible, by appointment. Showings should be limited to serious potential buyers who are either pre-approved or have submitted a contingent offer.


The in-person showing may only include the real estate agent and no more than two (2) visitors, who reside within the same household or living unit, at a time. Sellers and/or tenants should temporarily leave the residence/unit during the in-person showing, in order to maintain social distancing. During the in-person showing of the property, all social distancing protocols must be adhered to, and protective measures, such as the wearing of gloves, cloth face coverings, and not touching surfaces must be followed.


Guidance Documents: