Salons & Personal Care

Update 12.6.20: All personal care services must close indoor and outdoor operations.


Guidance Documents:

  1. State of CA Personal Care Outdoor Protocols
  2. LA County Personal Care, Hair Salons, Barbershops Protocols
  3. LA County Personal Care Services Toolkit
  4. LA County Hair Salons and Barbershops Toolkit


Temporary Outdoor Services:


Establishments currently licensed to operate with a Santa Monica Business License can now expand their operation outdoors by applying for a City of Santa Monica Temporary Use of Public Domain Permit. This permit will allow you to operate on public sidewalks or private property, for no fee, until September 7 (unless extended by the City). 


Click here to learn more or to apply for the City permit.



Signage Posting Requirements:

  1. Print and post the Health and Safety Guidelines Poster in the entry of your business.
  2. Print and complete the LA County Hair Salons and Barbershops Protocol Form. Post in public entrances.
  3. Print and complete the LA County Personal Care Establishments Protocol Form. Post in public entrances.


 Queuing Guidelines:


Due to reduced capacity inside your salon, you may need to manage a line on the public sidewalk. Downtown Santa Monica asks that you keep your line as close to your store front as possible in order to maintain pedestrian pathways. Please remember that individuals in line must be distanced at least 6 feet apart at all times and all queuing must be ADA accessible. You can use temporary tape and the signage provided below to mark where individuals can stand while they wait. Please do not encroach on your neighbors storefront. 


Queuing/Waiting Area Ground Markers:

1."Your Waiting Space" Queuing Marker

2. "Your Waiting Space" ADA Queuing Marker



Marketing Opportunities:


Downtown Santa Monica wants to know your business is open! Please email the following information to 

  • Opening Date
  • Hours of Operation
  • Reopening Specials and Offers

Santa Monica Cares

Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. is working with the City of Santa Monica on their economic recovery campaign, Santa Monica Cares. This community initiative will provide resources to residents, employees and businesses throughout the city's recovery journey. Complete this online form to promote your business specials on the Santa Monica Cares dedicated webpage.