Major Projects

In addition to managing day-to-day operations, including maintenance and hospitality services, Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. staff embark on long-range initiatives and projects to fulfill the organization's mission to ensure Downtown Santa Monica remains a vibrant and inclusive district. Here you will find updates on these significant ventures that often times involve other community partners, including the City of Santa Monica. 

Promenade 3.0

We are pleased to report the City Council's strong support for Promenade 3.0, the comprehensive public process spearheaded by DTSM and the City of Santa Monica to reinvest in the beloved Third Street Promenade. Councilmembers earlier on Nov. 5 were presented with an outline of the project, which included feedback from property owners, the Planning Commission, the DTSM Board of Directors, and most importantly, residents and visitors. This feedback was collected throughout the past two years and included comments made during public forums, as well as through intercept surveys conducted by our staff and our dedicated Downtown Ambassadors.

Councilmembers not only encouraged us to move forward with Promenade 3.0, they also told us and City planners to dream big. And we plan to do just that. But we still need your help. Join us at an open house on Saturday, Dec. 7, from 9am - 2pm at the Promenade Police Substation located at 1431 Third Street and meet with those who have been deeply involved in the project, or stop by during the holiday season to view displays and read project documents. We will have office hours at the substation from 12pm - 2pm weekdays from Dec. 7 through Dec. 23. 

To view the City Council meeting please click here. To review the City staff presentation to council click here