Foot Traffic

Third Street Promenade Pedestrian Activity:

Pedestrian activity is a key indicator of the vitality of downtown. DTSM counts pedestrian traffic through a network of motion sensors positioned at key points around the Third Street Promenade. With these counts, we are able to estimate the total volume of pedestrian activity in this area. 

The graphic below provides a snapshot of recent pedestrian activity. The bars on the left show daily counts for the past four weeks, as well as a weekly total and how the week compares to the same week of the prior year. The line graph on the right drills down into last week to show hourly behavior. Note the consistent peak around 5pm. Saturday and Sunday, shown in darker blue, consistently report higher pedestrian counts.



No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or imagery is recorded. For questions or to be notified of updates to data at Downtown Santa Monica, please contact