SaMo PRIDE is back!


Santa Monica Pier, Downtown Santa Monica, and Santa Monica Place, in collaboration with the City of Santa Monica and Santa Monica Travel and Tourism welcome you this June for a month-long art-walk that safely celebrates our city's inclusive and diverse spirit, with a focus on family-friendly displays and activities that can be enjoyed at your leisure.


Spanning Third Street Promenade, through Santa Monica Place, and leading through the Santa Monica Pier, strollers can appreciate incredible one-of-a-kind art installations by LGBTQIA+ artists. This rainbow-lit pathway, dubbed "Miles of PRIDE," will serve as an anchor for SaMo PRIDE month, to be joined by local business specials, virtual events, and so much more throughout the city.


The art walk is presented in partnership with Allies in Arts, a local nonprofit whose mission is to support womxn, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ artists who are often underrepresented in creative industries.




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"Protest and Pageantry"


Inspired by trans performers turned activists, "Protest and Pageantry" is both a memorial and celebration. This work aims to provide a space where the viewer can celebrate iconic trans persons-of-color performers such as Marsha P. Johnson, Sir Lady Java, and Sylvia Rivera, as well pay tribute to the numerous trans lives lost to violence. This work is a collaboration by Queer artists UnderNewMGMT and ShakesTheArtist.


On view at 1458 Third Street Promenade.


Chris Classen

"Love Letters"


The work is text based, messages of love and loss, cut into colored transparent film, and placed on borosilicate glass tubes (just larger than a fluorescent light bulb). The tubes are then slipped over bulbs in existing spaces to be found. Like a contemporary message in a bottle.  


On view at 1344 Third Street Promenade.


Katt Fox

"Queer Bodies / Queer Identities"


"Queer Bodies / Queer Identities" is a personal exploration of body and mind. This body of work started as a way of creating identifiable imagery that more so reflected a vision of the artist in their mind's eye. Over many years, and numerous contributions later, we find a full breathe representing a community yearning for healing and liberation.


On view at 1431 Third Street Promenade.


James Kinsley Daniel

"I Stand With Trans Youth" and "I'm Love My Queer Family"


Allies in Arts wanted to respond to current rises in transphobic legislation and rhetoric with interactive pieces visitors could pose with and photograph to show their support for trans youth and queer family. James Kinsley Daniel's vision was to create a clean, simple backdrop with dimension and visual excitement. ""I love a pattern and repeating geometric shapes. And a 1970s throwback is always fun." - James Kinsley Daniel


Locations on Third Street Promenade TBD.


Parisa Parnian

"Rainbows of Resilience"


A technicolor, large-scale digital illustration of a fantastical PRIDE parade scene with Santa Monica as its backdrop. It is a celebration of the resilience and ability to continue to find joy that the QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous People of Color) communities of LA have displayed in the past year.


On view at 1201 Third Street Promenade.


Jeromy Velasco x Yaicecream

"Chosen Family"


Too often people in the LGBTQ+ community face rejection and abandonment from their biological families: chosen family can serve as an important method of survival as well as creating loving bonds. The idea of floating dance floors over the LA skyline came originally from the sentiment that "chosen families uplift one another." Dancefloors have always been a space for queer people to let loose and be themselves. The artists wanted to transport their traditionally 2D work into a 3D, interactive space that encourages the public to take photos with their chosen families and loved ones.


Sponsored by 3DAR Trick Art Museum, a place where 3D art and Augmented Reality blend together for a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience! Plan your visit today at


On view at 1227 Third Street Promenade.



"The ArtsNotParts Archive"


"ArtsNotParts" was a collective street art movement made in response and defense of the trans community in 2017. An anti-trans bathroom bill was just passed inspiring Grey... to co-conspire with fellow artists and establishments to collaborate and reclaim space in communities around the world by tagging streets, bathrooms, and infamously Trump Tower in NYC in defense of trans rights. This archive symbolizes a step taken to reclaim public space and share collective love.


On view at 1149 Third Street Promenade.



"The Mothers of Pride Pearly Gateway"


In many indigenous cultures queer beings were considered holy and to be gatekeepers in between this world and the rest. This piece is a play on that indigenous ideology and western religions iconography and how they resonate within self and our community. Where do our mothers go? Home.




Erick Luis

"Together forever"


Supporting one another, spreading love and peace to the world. Together we'll make a difference by celebrating with Pride and Joy around every corner.


On view at Santa Monica Place. 


 Annie Hong aka "Hootnannie

"Where Will U Take You"


This piece is a colorful reminder to allow yourself to explore the infinite possibilities that exist within yourself. Where will you go, who will you be if you allow yourself to be free?


On view at Santa Monica Place.


Ricky Sencion 

"E(we) are all Crazy Beautiful!"


The installation features 21 of Ricky's SHEEP MOONSTERS. Behind the series, is the idea that e(we) are all different. E(we) are all queer. It's because of our differences that we are connected. Because of our differences, e(we) are all crazy beautiful.  


Jenson Titus and Nic Scheppard

"A Very Gay Mural"


Nicholas Scheppard and Jenson Titus are Los Angeles based comedians who, through the use of ancient gay wizardry, began turning walls gay with paint in 2020.  


On view at Santa Monica Pier. 



Grey... & Grayson Prnce



Built by LA design team Bagavagabonds and with design and artwork by Grey... and Grayson*, "Celebrate" is a sculpture in Central Plaza at the Santa Monica Pier. These 4-foot-tall letters spelling out LGBTQIA+ encapsulates the Pier's promise: to keep this iconic landmark a welcoming place for all to celebrate.


On view at Santa Monica Pier, Central Plaza





Pride-a-Blooma is a colorful multi-textural floral-based installation visually capturing the joyful energy of Pride. After the rain, the flowers bloom. May everyone's gardens be full of beautiful flowers of all kinds!


On view inside Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows.