Makers and Small-Scale Manufacturing

Downtown Santa Monica is on a mission to bring creative, local makers to our beachside community. We are looking for innovative and ambitious artisans and small-scale manufacturers to be a part of this new adventure. Our goal is to collaborate with makers like you to create a supportive environment, help you find the space you need to thrive, and to amplify your work by becoming a destination for unique and local goods.


What are we looking for? Small businesses that produce tangible goods, including textile, hardware and hardware prototyping, wood, metal, 3D printing, consumer product design and prototyping, film production, breweries, distilleries, roasteries, and food production and packaging.


  • If you are a property owner or business owner interested in learning more, please view our webinar featuring experts in the field of economic development, real estate, marketing and urban revitalization. 


If you're a maker or property owner, we want to hear from you! Please complete the form below to learn more.

10 Reasons to Stand Out with Small-Scale Manufacturing
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