Recurring EventBlind Journeys – a Santa Monica Playhouse ShortBurst® Theatre world premiere – 2 nights only
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Date & Time

Monday, June 12, 2023
8:00pm - 9:00pm

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Santa Monica Playhouse - The Other Space, 1211 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA, 90401

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3103949779 x1
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Like the invisible boundaries blocking our path, the face in the mirror we no longer recognize, the good-bye that wavers between leaving and running away - those are the blind journeys of our lives. Join the members of ShortBurst(R) Theatre R.A.W. as they explore the secrets that complicate our journey through the complex web of existence – the lies, the guilt, the love, the fear, the resolve. Will they have answers? Probably not. Will they leave you with more questions than you had before you entered the theatre? Undoubtedly. But you'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll think. What more can you ask? Helmed by Playhouse co-artistic director Chris DeCarlo, written by Evelyn Rudie, and crafted and performed via the internationally acclaimed ShortBurst® Theatre method, the production features Laila Atkins, Kate Byrne-Slepicka, Ian Lewis Campbell, Marty Cohen, Matheus Costa, Cynthia Hamidi, Bob Hucul, Vania Ivena, Linda Kohn, Vijay M., Theda Weston and Berkeley Sanjay who does double duty as Associate Director of Adult Education. ShortBurst® Theatre is a collaboration in which professional artists, tyro performers and members of the community at large pool their resources, their time, and their concerns, to create theatre that is relevant on a personal, local and global level, and do it all in a very short span of time, hence the name. To find out how to participate in a ShortBurst® Theatre project, contact the Santa Monica Playhouse Education Conservatory at 1-310-394-9779 ext. 3 or