Construction activities are permitted for sites adhering to public health requirements for physical distancing and on-site cleanliness. Please review the State, County and local guidelines below to assist you with the safe and permitted reopening of your business.


Guidance Documents


Public Health and Safety Standards

  • Designate a Site Safety Representative to monitor and implement all recommended safety practices during the COVID-19 emergency
  • Require workers to wear personal protective equipment, including cloth face coverings
  • Limit the number of people present at the construction project so that social distancing can be maintained Monitoring site access points to enable physical distancing?
  • Require workers on break to maintain a space of at least 6 feet apart?
  • Discontinue communal food and water coolers on worksites?
  • Ensure office staff can work from home
  • Discourage workers from using other workers' phones, desks, offices, work tools and equipment. If they must be shared, requiring that they are cleaned and disinfected before and after each shift.
  • Mandatory daily cleaning and sanitizing of trailers, toilets, and other enclosed spaces and high-touch surfaces
  • Place hand wash stations supplied with soap and disposable towels or hand sanitizers in multiple locations to encourage hand hygiene
  • Record keeping requirements on cleaning and daily attendance log


Signage Posting Requirements:

  1. Print and post the Health and Safety Guidelines Poster.