Quality of Life Ambassadors

Our specially trained Quality of Life (QOL) Ambassadors work with the City to identify and engage with those who are most in need; collaborate with property owners, businesses, and the police department's HLP team (dedicated group of SMPD sworn officers focused on homelessness) to devise strategies to reduce anti-social and criminal behavior; deter camping with No Trespassing/No Sleeping signs in doorways (over 100 installed during the pandemic); assist property owners with submitting Trespass Arrest Authorization forms; and help facilitate safety trainings for downtown employees.


Serve as a Deterrent: Traverse the streets, sidewalks and alleys to deter unwanted activity through uniformed visible presence.

Identify Those In Need: Patrol the district to identify and engage with individuals experiencing homelessness in order to learn more about their circumstances in order to direct them to the proper city and social services.

Observe and Report: Watchful for unwanted behaviors or criminal activity and report an accurate description of persons, vehicles, and other similar identifiers to the Safety Ambassadors.

Address Unwanted Activities: Responsible for interacting with persons creating quality of life issues, advising them of local ordinances and requesting compliance. All Ambassadors are trained in 'situational protocol' to appropriately handle situations in a firm, yet courteous, manner.


Hospitality and Customer Service: Actively acknowledge pedestrians with a friendly greeting or
identify visitors in order to provide directions, information, or recommendations.

Information Sharing: Responsible for making a specified number of visits to district businesses to share information on Quality of Life issues in the downtown.

Reporting: Provide written reports of broken infrastructure, graffiti on private property, and log all daily engagements in our mobile data-tracking app.

Professionalism: Maintain a positive, professional environment in full compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies, procedures and overall DTSM standards of expected professionalism.



QOL Ambassadors are available 6:30am-12:00am, daily. Need Assistance? Call or text, 310.877.7731.

Weekly Hours

Below is a breakdown of hour ambassador hours are allocated.

Ambassador Weekly Hours
Hospitality 1,340
Maintenance 764
Machine Operators 60
Safety/QOL Team 464
Dispatch 280
Admin Assistant 16
Team Leader 232
Safety/Dispatch Operations Manager 40
Operations Manager 40
General Manager 40
Weekly Total 3,276
Annual Total 170,352
Task Matrix

Below is a chart detailing which tasks ambassadors are charged with. 

Ambassador Task Hospi-


Safety QOL
Welcome visitors to the district x x x x
Provide information to visitors x x x x
Give directions x x x x
Aid visitors with vehicle trouble x x x x
Locate and return lost items x x x x
Provide safety escort services for visitors and
x   x x
Visit businesses to ensure they are informed of
the latest downtown happenings
x   x x
Communicate w/ Promenade buskers to ensure
regulation compliance
Setup and remove Promenade events and activities x x    
Public restroom monitoring and custodial services x x    
Remove debris from sidewalks, alleys & structures x x x x
Wipe down high touch surfaces x x x x
Run M30 sweeper in the parking structures   x    
Nightly deep clean of public restrooms   x    
Sweep, mop, and wipe down parking
structure stairwells and landing areas
Conduct pan and broom maintenance in parking
Level off and wipe down trash cans, remove
and replace bags if necessary
Remove or paint over graffiti x x    
Clean up spills as necessary x x    
Observe and report maintenance issues for the city x x x x
Serve as a deterrent for unwanted/criminal activity x   x x
Respond to calls for service as needed x x x x
Observe and report unwanted/criminal activity x x x x
Request compliance from persons engaged in public
nuisance activities
    x x
Monitor doorways, stairwells and elevators for
individuals sleeping or loitering
    x x
Coordinate with SMPD/HLP Team     x x
Trained to deal with incidents of mental illness     x x
Engage with street residents and direct to services       x
Possess a Guard Card issued by the CA Bureau of
Security and Investigative Service.
    x x