Hashtag Downtown Santa Monica
Hashtag Downtown Santa Monica
Major Projects

In addition to managing day-to-day operations, including maintenance and hospitality services, Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. staff embark on long-range initiatives and projects to fulfill the organization's mission to ensure Downtown Santa Monica remains a vibrant and inclusive district. Here you will find updates on these significant ventures that often times involve other community partners, including the City of Santa Monica. 

1200 Block Activation

Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. is engaged in discussions with the City of Santa Monica to enliven the 1200 Block of the Third Street Promenade with new, interactive seating areas, games and other activities to draw visitors and entice them to spend more time on the promenade. The City Council recently gave its approval of the pilot project and DTSM, Inc. staff is in the process of drafting a plan that will go into effect in the coming weeks. 

Ocean/Colorado Vendor

Staff continue to make progress on the installation of two selected vendors (Great American Fries Company and Cold Bruja Coffee Company) at the corner of Ocean and Colorado Avenues. Final revisions to the health permits are being routed through appropriate channels this week and next. Preparation of the site is almost complete, and furnishings have been ordered. Staff hopes to get Cold Bruja Coffee Company up and running on site in the upcoming weeks, with Great American Fries Company not far behind.


Promenade 3.0

DTSM hosted a series of public meetings to talk about the future of Third Street Promenade and to collect community feedback for possible design and infrastructure upgrades. Roughly 50 community members attended each of the three meetings and sounded off on what they would like to see on the street. DTSM will be preparing a recap of the comments made and will present to the City Council for further discussion. 

Promenade Fountain Upgrades

The Dinosaur Fountain Enhancement Project is underway. Construction is expected to last three to four months. DTSM, Inc. staff created and installed decorative construction fencing to provide color and some fun to the street. 

Public Art

A new art installation dubbed "Tipping Point Square" from artist Andrew Schoultz has been installed in Triangle Square as part of the public art project ROAM Santa Monica, a partnership between Downtown Santa Monica, Inc., the City of Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Arts Commission.